Harpist Geoffrey Ricketts

"I've Always Wanted To Learn To Play The Harp..."

I hear this so often at performances. The Geoffrey Harp School can help that dream become a reality. The beginner class covers basic music theory and notation, chords and hand position. We use the book The Geoffrey Harp School - Level I by Geoffrey Ricketts.

My vision is much the same as my teacher’s, teacher’s, teacher, the great Carlos Salzedo: "Establishing the harp as a medium of high significance between the invisible and our world."Here we study using my beginner method, “The Geoffrey Harp School Level I.” Next we proceed to “On Playing The Harp”, by Yolanda Kondonassis for exercises and studies. For further description of a good healthy hand position and specialized harp notation we move forward to “Method for Harp,” Lawrence/Salzedo and Salzedo’s, “Modern Method.” Music theory is covered in lessons. It’s not all music theory and exercises, we teach you how to play from a “Fake Book,” with decorations from your own musical imagination, in other words we teach you the art of improvisation. Another field we are researching here is music therapy services and harp music meditation.

Beginners are encouraged to start in private lessons. Private lesson placement is limited to current openings.

After your beginner's lessons, we go in two directions: either towards concert pedal harp, or advanced lever harp. Either way, you will explore chromatics, virtuoso technical abilities, and specialized harp notation.

To meet other students, and to check the calendar for current openings, The Geoffrey Harp School has an active Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/harpcenter/

Live your dream! If you are in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, and want to play the harp, call and sign up today!

How much will it cost?

Lessons $140.00 per month.
Class $75.00 per month.
Harp usage $80.00 per month.

The Geoffrey Harp School - Level I $25



Our Instructor:

Geoffrey L. Ricketts, for whom the school is named, was trained in music theory, arranging, composition, and harp performance at The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. He studied with notable teachers such as Ellen Ritscher, Dan Hurley, and Rose Mary Killum. Geoffrey developed The Geoffrey Harp Method and wrote the beginner book you will be using here. More about him can be read by clicking here.